Service for business

Highly attractive real estate resources

The development of dedicated business parks is a key element of Limoges Métropole’s strategy to promote the establishment and development of local businesses.

We are currently in a position to offer over 1350 hectares of dedicated business premises, with 100 more hectares due for development in the short to mid-term. We are thus able to offer a broad range of options, in terms of both location and the facilities available, to satisfy the needs of a diverse spectrum of businesses.

All of these projects are conducted in accordance with the principles of sustainable development (environmental charters, ISO 14001 certification).

We have also made considerable efforts to provide Very-High-Speed Internet services.

Significant investment is required to develop a truly modern infrastructure which satisfies both the needs of contemporary businesses and the latest regulatory requirements. The local authorities have absorbed some of the heavy cost of this work in order to keep down property prices for businesses.

Limoges Métropole contributes a significant share of the funding required for the development and upkeep of business parks, thus working to support the creation and development of businesses which will generate jobs and add value to the local economy, while also enhancing the attractiveness of our region in relation to other parts of the country.

Managing the business premises reserved for start-ups at the ESTER Technopole

With responsibility for both the ESTER Central Offices and the Centre for Innovation and Research in Electronics, Limoges Métropole has premises available for use by start-ups and young companies working in the Technopole’s specialist sectors, with very competitive rents and a business environment which is highly conducive to collaboration and development.

Subsidies for business premises

Under the terms of the Regional Economic Development Strategy, in 2007 Limoges Métropole established a comprehensive package of business support initiatives.

The goal is to foster the creation of more new companies, and lay the foundations for long-term durability and success by providing financial support for their property investments.

Companies manufacturing products, offering specialist business services or providing logistical support with proven added value are all eligible for these subsidies.

Since 2007, Limoges Métropole has thus helped 17 companies and contributed to the creation of 160 new jobs in the city.

With a view to simplifying the administrative procedures which businesses must fulfil, Limoges Métropole has established a partnership with the regional centre for computerised processing of financial documentation - PlaNet Limousin.

Tax exemptions 

Limoges Métropole has approved tax breaks for businesses, exonerating companies from the CFE and CVAE local business charges.

Limoges Métropole helps coordinate and run Competitiveness Clusters

Limoges Métropole supports the European Ceramics Centre and the ELOPSYS cluster by subsidising their parent institutions, but also by providing technical and financial assistance for their promotional campaigns and scientific conference programmes.

For further information contact:
Pôle Développement Economique de Limoges Métropole 
05 55 45 61 98