Education and Research

The quality of higher education on offer in Limoges Métropole ensures that students have everything they need to succeed.
The University is small enough to maintain a friendly campus atmosphere, but large enough to offer high-quality teaching in all of the major subjects, with teaching led by internationally-recognised specialists. The numerous discoveries, inventions and technological advances which we owe to the university’s researchers is the most eloquent tribute to Limoges Métropole’s exceptional capacity for innovation
Limoges Métropole is committed to quality in all aspects of education, including the working and living environment we provide for our students. The city’s educational facilities offer a remarkably diverse range of courses, with 13 high schools offering dozens of baccalaureate-level options and some 400 degree courses on offer at one of France’s best multi-disciplinary universities.


University of Limoges:
  14,339 students (+ 3,170  students enrolled in non-university higher education diplomas)
  1046 lecturers and researchers and 586 doctoral researchers
  120 administrative and support staff
  317 degree courses
  5094 degrees awarded in 2010/2011
  16 Halls of Residence
  7 University Restaurants

5 Teaching and Research Faculties
  Faculty of Law and Economics: 2,559 students
  Faculty of Medicine: 1,569 students
  Faculty of Pharmacology: 611 students – 1st year general healthcare studies: 1014
  Faculty of Literature and Humanities: 2,152 students
  Faculty of Science and Technology: 2,809 students

4 Institutes
  IUT (University Technical Institute): 2,261 students
  IPAG (Institute for General Administrative Studies): 55 students
  IAE (Institute for Business Administration) 444 students
  IUFM (Institute for Teacher Training): 331 students
(source: the University of Limoges in figures 2013)

1 Engineering School
ENSIL (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Limoges): 485 students

2 Associated Engineering Schools
- ENSCI (National Institue for Industrial Ceramics)
- 3IL (Limoges Institute of Computer Engineering)

Other options:
- the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Limoges (ENSA), with specialist courses including ceramics
- 19 BTS vocational courses
- Various institutes specialising in social care and healthcare, with around 115 accredited professional training institutions
- SUP'REHA (Ecole Supérieure for Habitat Redevelopment and the Lived Environment)


At the university
8 subject-specific doctoral schools within the Limousin-Poitou-Charente Research and Higher Education Authority (PRES)

4 Research Institutions
XLIM - Label Carnot
IPAM (Institute for Applied Materials Processes)
GEIST (Institute for Genomics, the Environment, Immunology, Health and Therapeutic Care, IFR Label)
SHS (Human and Social Sciences)

23 research teams
- 1 ‘laboratory for excellence’ (Labex): SIGMA-LIM
- 4 CNRS-affiliated team
- 1 INRA-affiliated team
- 3 INSERN teams
- 1 CEA team, with LRC Joint Research Laboratory
- 5 joint laboratories with partner companies: Air Liquide, Alcatel, Alénia Space France, Thales Research, Technology, NXP, PEARL

7 Research Consortia, inc. 3 CNRS affiliated

1 research cluster

1 Research Funding Department

1 technology transfer accelerator (SATT)